Facility Opening & Staffing


Initial Staff Hiring & Development Assistance

Getting the facility up and running with a staff that can be prepared for the first contact with new customers is vital to the early success of the facility. Let our experience opening new facilities help you to create a great customer experience from day one!

Initial Programming Assistance

Knowing what works in your area for programming can help a facility not waste time "trying to figure it out". Let us assist you in creating programs that make sense and are profitable for the facility from the start!

Facility Documentation Creation

Creating good documentation for your programs and operations is vital to the long-term success of your facility. It ensures that important information about your patrons and facility is being collected. Good facility documentation is also important for risk management.

Equipment Start Up

Ice rink and arena equipment is specialized and only the experience that comes with starting up new facilities and retrofitting existing ones allows us to make sure your equipment is operating properly. 

Initial Ice Install Supervision

Let our experience at the NHL and Olympic level create that durable & attractive first sheet of ice in your new facility. This will also be the time to see how well your new equipment is working and help to "dial in" your ice equipment for the most efficient operation.  

Maintenance Program Development

Ice Rink and arena facilities are large industrial buildings that will require proper maintenance to keep it running efficiently. Let our experience operating all types of facilities, from small community rinks, to Olympic and NHL-sized venues. Our wide-variety of experience allows us to create a program that will help ensure long-life and efficient operation of your equipment!