On-Site Training Program



Our On-Site Zamboni Training Program offers a 2-day training program at YOUR facility, tailored to YOUR equipment, and YOUR staff!

Tailored to the needs of each individual facility, Zamboni On-Site Training is

designed to instruct ice maintenance staff on the safe, effective and proper

operation of your ice resurfacing machines, edgers and related equipment.

Our professional instructors with practical experience in the field and direct access to the Zamboni Customer Service and Engineering teams provide facility staff with information on safe operation, routine maintenance and achieving optimal performance from your resurfacing products.

The program is customized to fit the skill level of your participants, the equipment on site and the operating schedules of the ice surfaces. Zamboni on-site training provides classroom time, on-ice time and behind the scenes hands-on review of the equipment.

$2500 for up to 6 students

$250 for every additional student up to 12 students

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