Facility Development


Business Plan Reviews

We can provide honest and realistic evaluation of your rink or arena business plan. We have experience being part of the development and opening of multiple facilities and access to real world numbers. Experience with not only creating the facility, but operating the facility after it's open is what sets our group apart from others! 

Construction Plan Reviews

Knowing what works and what doesn't in skating facilities is very important It’s our experience and contacts in the rink & arena industry that help us provide that for your project. Many COOL ideas have been tried...however, they were costly to the ownership and provided no return on investment. Let our experience help you plan an efficient, functional, and most importantly, profitable facility!

Owner Representation

Make sure there is someone on your side during construction. Many aspects of building an ice rink or arena are specialized and need to be constructed correctly. If contractors feel that no one with ice rink or arena experience is involved, they will feel free to value-engineer their work, which could leave the ownership to spend extra money on future corrections.