Equipment Reviews & Repairs


Ice Maintenance Equipment (Zamboni & Olympia)

Is your equipment operating like it should? Or does it need some updating? There have been many improvements in the ice maintenance equipment world, so use our experience working with both old and new to evaluate and make suggestions for you to get the most life from your equipment. Click below fo more information on our IR Preventative Maintenance Program!

Preventative Maintenance Programs & Pricing

Rink Floors (Sand & Concrete)

Have you been told you have leaks or need a new rink floor? Let us give you a second opinion and some options that can make more sense than a complete new rink floor. Use the knowledge we have gained by working with contractors all over the country to solve these problems. And more importantly, make sure you do not have the same problems again!

Catch rink floor issues before they start, let us evaluate the health of your secondary refrigeration system (Brine or Glycol). Many local refrigeration companies will not test and treat these systems unless you tell them to. If this goes on too long, you could be damaging your rink floors and your chiller. With a close inspection of the components and the fluids, we can confirm that your system is in good shape or in need of some updating. 

Sand Floors are living breathing blocks of ice and tubes. If not taken care of properly, it will create thick & inefficient ice sheets that are not only expensive to operate, but also can heave and be dangerous. With proper planning, a rink floor can be melted down for pipes to be realigned and refrozen in a shorter amount of time than you think. The longer you wait, the more it is costing you to operate!

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Refrigeration Equipment

Control your temperatures! Most times, facility operators are not controlling their ice plants efficiently. Cost savings are realized by doing the little things to make sure the ice plant is set for the proper conditions and time of year. Let us work with your staff to understand how and where your ice plant controls should be set to get the most efficient operation while still maintaining proper ice conditions.

Review of ice plant equipment maintenance is important to get the most life out of the equipment. Let us review the maintenance program and if needed, work with the local service company to create a service plan that is right for your facility.

Upgrades to the refrigeration equipment will eventually need to be done, don’t just go back with the same old style equipment. Explore new and more efficient ice plant equipment that is out there. Let our experience help you upgrade your equipment to a system that makes the most sense for your facility!


Ice skating facilities create their own atmosphere inside. Controlling this atmosphere is important, not only to provide a quality ice sheet, but to help prevent damage to the building structure from excessive moisture. If your building has dehumidification equipment, but is still getting condensation, put our experience working with manufacturers to solve these problems to use for you.

Proper operation of the dehumidification equipment is critical to keeping utility costs in check. Much like the refrigeration system, many facility operators do not understand how the equipment is controlled and do not adjust it for seasonal conditions. Let us work with your staff to set up the controls to maximize the energy use for the dehumidification equipment. 

Dasherboard & Glass Systems

These systems are and often forgotten item in the facility. They need maintenance, just like any other part of the ice rink. Our staff has the advantage of working with multiple manufacturers to help suggest repairs or upgrades that make sense and are cost effective. 

Life Cycle Planning & Energy Reduction Strategies

Our staff can evaluate the current condition of your facility's equipment and provide an estimated time & cost for repairs and/or replacements. This information is very valuable for expenditure planning, and may reveal operational deficiencies that can be corrected. It can also help to receive the life out of the equipment that is expected. 

Is your staff operating the facility in the most energy efficient way? There's no reason to spend money on new equipment if the staff is not already operating the existing equipment as efficiently as possible. Simple things such as ice temperature and humidity settings can waste a lot of energy if not set and checked regularly. Switch management in the facility is another energy strategy that is often overlooked. Ice thickness can waste large amounts of energy if not kept properly.

If your staff IS operating the facility efficiently, let us help you come up with energy saving plans that make sense both operationally and initial cost. Make sure the technology is right for the rink and arena industry. We have the experience with new and existing technologies to help you sort through it and get it right the first time!