Business Operations Review


Revenue Generation

Is your facility generating all the revenue it can? Let us help you to determine if your ice utilization is comparable to other facilities in your area or in areas similar to yours. Then, together, we can evaluate areas that revenue can be increased and costs lowered. How can you improve if you’re not sure where you stand?!

Ancillary Income

From snack bar to the proshop, operations have changed dramatically in the last few years! How is your operation keeping up? Comparing it with other operations and having an outside perspective can help improve these areas or confirm how well you’re doing!

Hockey and Figure Skating Program Reviews

Are your programs keeping up with today’s ever-changing youth activity culture? Are your program directors focused on gaining new skaters for the facility? If outside clubs are operating your beginner programs, are they focusing on new skaters or just the ones they have? How do your programs stack up with others in your area? Utilize our years of programming experience in both traditional and non-traditional areas of the country to bring new ideas and life to your programs!

Accounting Review

Compare your income and expenses against other similar facilities. This type of review can help to see where you may be spending more than the norm or not taking in enough. We’re not concerned with how your accounting is being done, we're just trying to compare your numbers to other similar facilities. How are your utility bills compared with other facilities of similar size?