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Goal frames, shovels, protective netting & more!

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Dasher & Glass Systems


Dasher boards, glass, kickplate & more!

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Ceilings, Flooring & More


Rubber flooring, Low-E ceilings & more

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Rink Supplies


Hockey Goal Packages

A. Package #1 – Base Package

1 Pair Professional Goal Frames – Red Only

(4' high x 6' wide x 44" deep)

1 Pair 5 mm Knotless Netting

1 Pair Bottom Pads

1 Pair Vertical Pads

1 Pair Net Protectors – ballistic nylon



A. Package #2 – 6 mm Knotless Goal Package

All items same as in Package #1 except with:

6 mm Knotless Netting



A. Package #3 – 6 mm Resin Coated Knotless Goal Package

All items same as in Package #1 except with:

6 mm Resin Coated Knotless Netting



A. Package #4 – 5 mm Knotted Goal Package

All items same as in Package #1 except with:

5 mm Knotted Netting



A. Package #5 – NHL Goal Package

All items same as in Package #1 except with:

Goal Frames Powder Coated Red AND White

6 mm Resin Coated Knotless Netting

Upper Pads included

Special NHL Net Protectors



A. Package #6 – 34" Deep Goal Package

All items same as in Package #1 except with:

34" Deep Goal Frames – Red Only – (4' high x 6' wide x 34" deep)



Shovels & more


Sport Systems carries a wide variety of snow and scoop shovels.

All shovels are heavy duty, industrial grade.

Aluminum Scoop Shovel – #ACCSCOOPSHOVEL


Keep your ice in top shape.

Reduces ice build-up at gate entrances.

7” x 6” Blade – #ACCICESCRAPER


36" wide squeegees.

Straight with curved ends – #ACCSQUEEGEE36C


Snow Pushers

UHMW Polyethylene blade and durable Fiberglass handle

Snowplow Pusher 36” – #ACCSHOVPUSH36

Snowplow Pusher 48” – #ACCSHOVPUSH48

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Dasher & Glass Systems


Puckboard, Kickplate & Caprail


StayWhite™, high-density polyethylene dasher cladding. Material is pigmented “bright white” and is special designed for hi-impact ice arena applications. Only Virgin polyethylene is used in order to obtain consistent color and strength. 


Same high density polyethylene as our dasher facing. Our standard ½” kick plate has 1 /4" bullnosed top edge. Predrilling is available upon request. Other kickplate heights available upon request. 


High-density polyethylene caprail. Standard caprail has 1 /4" bullnosed top front and rear edges. Standard caprail has “orange peel” finish to hide scratches. Caprail is CNC fabricated to custom size and available in straight or radius sections 

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Tempered Glass, Acrylic & PowerPlate™

Tempered Glass Shields

Tempered Glass is the shielding of choice for community arenas. It scratches less and is easier to clean. It has better optics and less distortion than acrylic. Tempered glass breaks less during play than acrylic. The strength of tempered glass is critical to the success of “Supportless” glass and is similar in cost to acrylic. Standard glass comes “Arena-ready” which includes radius top 2 corners and flat-ground edges. 


Acrylic shielding is widely used for temporary spare replacements upon tempered glass breakage or in multi-purpose arenas with frequent changeovers. It is always recommended to fabricate acrylic shielding to “Arena Ready” before installing in order to minimize breakage. Arena ready fabrication includes top two corners rounded and exposed edges bullnosed. 


The Power To Stop Pucks Cold. PowerPlate™ is a specialized lamination applied to the spectator side of hockey glass which makes the glass less likely to break, and in the event it does break, keeps broken glass in place until it can be safely removed by the rink operators. PowerPlate™ protects players and spectators from the possibility of having thousands of pieces of broken glass land on them; very simply, improving safety for players and fans, while reducing risk and liability for facility owners. Another example of Safety Through Innovation! 

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Ceilings, Flooring & More


Low-E Ceilings

The Benefits of Installing a Low-E Ceiling:

Significant reduction in refrigeration costs

Improvement in lighting levels

Potential reduction or elimination of condensation problems

Better acoustics

Overall improved building aesthetics

Trust the Experts!

To ensure you are getting the best value in a new Low-E ceiling, you should always work with a reputable supplier and insist on having them show you the material specifications for their product.

At All Star Arenas, we have highly qualified energy experts on staff who can assist in you in deciding what type of Low-E ceiling is right for you, the coverage you need, and then get it installed for you at the right price, and right on time!

For a no-cost consultation and quote, contact us today! 

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Rubber Flooring

From black rubber matting, to rolled and interlocking flooring, to Protect-All, to Norament rubber, we offer many options to best fit your needs!

For more information, contact Dave at 877-846-4949 or or request a quote below.

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Benches, Racks, Bleachers & More

If you need benches or bleachers, racks or carts, we have anything and everything that you may need!

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